Friday, 29 January 2016

Red Star, White Lights

I got a £1.00 discount as a Kickstarter backer of the Armies Army 15mm Cold War project today, for a new pdf  scenario booklet Red Star, White Lights by Ram Company Games. This is a 'what if' Cold War Gone Hot scenario package set in Norway, so spot on for the Royal Marine Commando 10mm project that I added to the lead pile last year. Here's the blurb:

In an alternate 1985, Soviet tanks rolled across the West German border…but that wasn’t the only battleground the Superpowers came to blows. One of these battlegrounds was Scandinavia. This scenario pack is Volume 1 of a new series meant to address the question “What is occurring in these “Other Fires” of the Third World War. Volume 1 contains 12 scenarios covering tank battles, small commando raids meant to shape the fate of nations, and everything inbetween!

My 10mm project uses Pendraken Falklands figures for the British and Modern Soviets from the same place, once they get added to the range at some point in 2016 (I hope...!). It will also now work with the Armies Army 15mm figures, so I have both options to consider when it comes round to actually putting it all together. I'm hoping that this scenario collection will give some good ideas and help me to make up my mind. about which scale to go for?

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