Sunday, 12 June 2016

Black Ops [2]

Black Ops Demo Game - I could do that!

One of the things that makes Black Ops a good option for a Summer project is that there are a minimal number of figures required, perhaps a dozen a side maximum, with lots of scope for re-using the same figures for different scenarios or even different factions. There's no reason why, for example, a half a dozen sized SWAT team hostage rescue  squad couldn't also be an anti-terrorist special forces unit or a intelligence agency assassination team.

The other advantage of Black Ops is that I can go to town on some laser cut terrain but not break the bank, making use of what I've already got and adding some new bits of scenery as required. I can already set the action in the steamy jungles of South America, the baking deserts of North Africa or the icy wastes of Antarctica, for example, using some of the terrain that I have assembled for the a Fistful of Lead, the Back of Beyond, Bolt Action and Saurian Safari.

It also gives me the opportunity to assemble some new terrain, specifically some new jungle pieces, an arctic base and an industrial compound, all of which will fit in very nicely with other projects that I can recycle the scenery for. I'm particularly looking forward to the latter and have been planning a military-industrial base for a while, originally for use with the Achtung Commando project. This may also end up as a Black Ops project, as the rules have been adapted for WW2 raiding games too.

This will use a combination of laser cut buildings from Blotz and Sarissa Precision, together with some scratch built scatter terrain. I've been collecting all sorts of useful tins, boxes, packaging and bits of things to turn into various bits of industrial structure and storage, so that I can populate the table with essential cover. If I can do this on the cheap, it will free up some funds for a few 'top end' bits of terrain that would otherwise be beyond the meagre budget that I have for gaming these days.


  1. Sounds like a plan to me and I like the idea of just focussing on my project to conclusion - just wish I could do that!

  2. Me too! I'll have to see how far I get with it before I claim a victory over the leadpile?

  3. Hi Jim, nice to see were on the same wavelength and still very different. I'm going with Black ops too and have the first miniatures ready for it now. I have created a jungle table ( see ) and I'm working on an industrial and african city/village table.

    keep me posted on your progress. all good stuff.