Thursday, 3 November 2016

Red Armoured Train Delayed

Standing room only in Peasant and Worker Class

Just a quick update on the non-arrival of any further work on the armoured train for the Back of Beyond Bolsheviks. This is due to a points failure at Kashgar...well, not actually that, more a lack of time to get anything done due to a shedload of work that's now piled up after the holidays. On the plus side, I'm hoping to do a bit more this weekend to finish off the machine gun turret wagon, which is almost complete, then to start on either the locomotive or the artillery turret wagon. In the meantime, I've built the substructure for an unarmoured propaganda carriage out of what's left of the kid's Lego brick collection, which will be suitably decked out with printed contemporary posters, flags and revolutionary slogans!


  1. Now I know why trains are always late. :P Great project BTW!

  2. Thanks :O) I'm hoping to crack on asap.

  3. A bonanza of train related puns...
    Interesting project!