Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Hostage Rescue Squad

I based up a set of these Copplestone SWAT team special forces figures a few months ago and began to paint them up for Black Ops only to completely screw up them up. I ditched the figures and went on to other things. However, North Star currently have a 25% discount on the Future Wars range, so I have ordered a replacement pack and a pack of the Biochem Squad figures as well, which I will paint up as an special forces SAS type unit alongside the other figures. It's a nice little project to tuck away for a rainy weekend at some point, as the rules only need half a dozen figures or so to be workable.


  1. Only half a dozen figures sounds like my sort of rules! I must get mine repainted as I did mine years and years ago!

  2. I do like a sale, 25% might prove too tempting a lure.

  3. ...and they're great figures too!