Sunday, 13 November 2016

The Big Hurt

Two Hour Wargames have a 25% off sale at the moment, so I had a look to see if there was anything of interest, having already got a copy of NUTS!, their WW2 squad and platoon level skirmish rules. I was looking for some scenario material to use with my 28mm Artizan late war US infantry, which have been looking for something to do for a while and have been gathering dust. I like the idea of adding to existing projects at the moment, rather than starting completely new things from scratch.

I still have a handful of figures to paint up to create a full complement platoon. In the meantime, I've been thinking about using them for squad level skirmish games instead of Bolt Action!, which isn't my cup of tea, or Chain of Command, which requires way too many figures and extras to be do-able. The club is keen on Iron Cross but I also like the look of Five Men at Kursk, which is very much a squad level game.

The end result is a pdf of The Big Hurt, which features twenty one squad level scenarios set in the Hurtgen Forest from October 1944 to February 1945. This fits in perfectly with my pre-exiting autumnal figure basing theme and with my terrain collection, which includes a lovely winter gaming mat and some really useful river sections. I also have plenty of terrain bits to add to this to make up some good looking forest terrain and defensive positions.

The scenarios look really good too and easily convertible to Iron Cross, Five Men at Kursk or whatever rules system that you might want to use including NUTS!, of course. I don't have any Germans at the moment but I have already collated all the Artizan figures I need for some late war opposition, so may well dig them out in the new year and actually get on with this long neglected project.

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