Saturday, 12 January 2019

Bag the Blenheims RAF Aircraft Sheets

I've come down with a stinking head cold but I'm still bashing away at the paperwork for the Lard Day Bag the Hun scenarios, so that they are done sooner rather than later and I can run a few play test games before the event. Here are the aircraft record sheets for both the Hurricane IIb's of 'A' Flight No185 Squadron and the Blenheim IV's of No18 Squadron, which I've modified for bombers and re-organised, three to a laminated A4 sheet. In the scenario there will be six Blenheims operating on a single bomber formation MOVE card but with two AIR GUNNER cards in the pack.

The Blenheims represent a ferry flight of replacement aircraft arriving from an Operational Maintenance Unit in Gibraltar. They have been stripped of all unnecessary weight including most of the machine guns, then packed full of essential spares and supplies for the besieged fortress of Malta. I have reduced the ALT, MAN and SPD by one to reflect their overloaded state and have also given them only the dorsal turret gunner as defensive armament, although this doesn't alter the FIRE FACTOR of 1 in all four arcs.

If this makes it too easy for the Italians, I will just bump the numbers back up again, but I thought it would be fun to see how it changed the game dynamics, especially given the feeble armament of the Mc202's. In previous games, this has been a real pain in the backside for the Italians, who spray bullets all over the place and often hit things but fail to do any significant damage. I'm hoping that by handicapping the bombers it will even the chances of bringing one or more of them down successfully?


  1. Hi

    Your posts on Bag the Hun are both informative and entertaining. I read them with great interest.
    Apart from seeing how things come together, you share you thoughts and decisions about the choices you make. It ensures my return to your blog. :-))

    Needless to say the Bag the Hun rules are on my table as well.

    What I am wondering though is choosing between 1:600 and 1:300 aircraft. I have started with 1:600. - Not too big or too small, relative small play area and number can be easily acquired. Plus the quality of models are good.
    However, You mentioned in a previous post "Bogeys over Berlin" going to 1:300 scale for a Bag the Hun scenario. These are bigger, with more detail, and more expensive, yet more easily handled I think. An perhaps more easily recognizable for the players.

    I like both scales. At the moment I am looking at several aircraft to buy for a modern scenario, but am not sure about sticking with 1:600 or switching to 1:300.

    I am curious about your arguments for deciding on 1:600 or 1:300 for playing a multiplayer Bag the Hun game?


  2. Hi Swen,

    That's a really good question and one I was actually thinkimg about just this morning, funnily enough.

    I started with 1/300 (or 1/285) because I really liked the Raiden Miniatures range, which had just started at the time I was looking for planes for BTH. I got to know the designer, Mark, who was local and thought his range was really good. As a result I didn't even consider 1/600 scale at the time. I later also discovered the Museum Miniatures range, which is limited but really good, so carried on in 1/300 for my Malta project.

    1/300 is great as the models are easier to handle and it is easier to apply decals for squadron codes and insignia, with decals readily available for just that purpose. The models are look good on the table and are not too expensive.

    However, If I was starting again I would definitely go for 1/600 now, as it is quicker to get a lot more aircraft painted and ready to play than 1/300 by far. I can paint a whole squadron in the time it would take me to paint a single section. It is also a bit cheaper and with magnet basing easier to store 1/600 scale planes. You can also get 1/600 decals for squadron markings now if you really want to apply them. Bigger games are also much easier to set up, as the models don't take up so much space on the table, which is god for multiplayer games. The ranges are more realistic.

    I am thnking of starting a Battle of Britain project in 1/600 scale this year as a result but would also like to use 1/300 still for the Winter War, where a smaller number of aircraft are needed.

    I hope that helps?



  3. Thanks Jim,

    Yes that helps. :-)

    I will stay with 1:600 for my table air forces. Might buy 1:300 for smaller projects as they are nice as well and I do have some tanks and troops in 1:300. For now though I will continue with 1:600.

    The scary thing is though, I now have no more excuses to resist the temptation and actually buy the good stuff 1:600.


  4. You're welcome Swen,

    If you do get a few 1/300 models I recommend the Museum Miniatures range, as they are very nice and not too expensive.

  5. Hi Jim, Would it be possible to get copies of the templates you use for the 2 aircraft/3 aircraft record sheets? Thanks, Jeremy

  6. No problem. Just let me know an email address I can send them to.



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