Thursday, 15 July 2010

Tumbling Dice Victorian Ironclads [4]

I spent this morning finishing off the assembly of the ships for the two squadrons. I spent quite a bit of the time trying to convert a twin turret monitor, the USS Monadnock, into something vaguely resembling the monitor USS Onondaga, which the French bought in 1867 for coastal defence.

The hull plan is completely wrong and I've had to do a cut and shut to shorten it but, otherwise, it's not too bad. I sanded off a fair bit of the deck detail and filled in the gaps with green stuff. I still need to add a pilot house on top of the fore turret but it's otherwise done.

If I can, I'll replace it with either a scratchbuilt version or another cut and shut using two USS Monitor single turret models, but it'll do in the meantime. Ideally, I'd get the Panzerschiffe version but it's far too expensive in postage to be an option.

I've also built the Gloire and the Provence, together with a screw corvette to act as a gofer for the French flotilla.

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