Tuesday, 20 July 2010

WW1 Dogfight

I organised a late war 1918 aerial dogfight game, this evening and took some photos of the resulting pile up.

I flew Bristol Fighter (F1626) on an escort mission, piloted as always by wobbly chinned Lt Rupert Twistleton Twinkle and his trusty if somewhat flatulent rear gunner, Corporal Albert Scrote.

In the ensuing aerial fray they managed to shoot down a Fokker DVII, piloted by the infamous Otto Ritter Von Splat, so it was a definate victory for the RFC. In a later add on game I flew a Fokker DVII and managed to set fire to an SE5a, which subsequently crashed behind German lines.

The black and white DVII's (Revell), the Bristol Fighters and the RE8 (Airfix) were built by me, whilst the other aircraft were provided by club members. The excellent rules used were our club set, Knights of the Sky, which you can find on the Wessex Wargamers Winchester Yahoo Group.