Saturday, 10 July 2010

VBCW Terrain

I went shopping for stuff in Sainsburys today, as you do, but ended up with an unexpected terrain feature as a result. I read an article in one of the wargames magazines about using coir doormats as wheat or corn fields many years ago and have seen them deployed on numerous occasions, either in demo games at shows or in journals.

So, when I spotted some rubber backed coir doormats for £4 each this afternoon I thought it would be worth having a crack at the same sort of thing for use in VBCW games and other similar things in 28mm.

A quick slice up with a ruler and a craft knife and I now have four wheat fields to decorate the tabletop. Not bad for the price of a sandwich and five minutes effort.

The original article I read about this included instructions for making removable bits, so that your tanks and figures could wade through the crop without floating over the top. I think the format involved mounting the mat sections on MDF or similar and also featured ideas for painting up the fields to make them more interesting.

I may try this at some point later but, for the moment, I'm very happy with what I've got. It'll certainly add a little much needed variety to the VBCW terrain set up we've been using thus far!


  1. "Every little helps!"......or was that Tesco? :-)

  2. Right, I am off to Sainsburys in the morning. very cheap scenery is what I am after! Nice work.