Friday, 23 July 2010

We're all going on a....

It's the Summer holiday as of 2pm this afternoon (huzzah!), so to celebrate I've ordered a pack of French Resistance from Westwind, together with some German motorcycle combinations, both at 40% off, so a bit of a bargain even when you add on the postage.

I also bought some British heads in tin helmets from the SHS range of WW2 figures that Westwind produce, so I'm going to try out some more headswapping on the leftover militia figures in the spares box, to give them more of a VBCW look.

The French Resistance chaps will be added in to the reinforcements leadpile but one or two will get converted into gun crew. I have a second Copplestone Putilov field gun left over from my Back of Beyond project, so it could be added to the existing one to make up a full gun section.

The motorcycles will be added to the BUF as escorts for the flying column, again with a headswap operation and a perhaps a Lewis gun added to the sidecars, although I may use one of them for the Reds instead.

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  1. cool cant wait to see the motorcycle combos.