Sunday, 25 July 2010

AK47 Objective Markers [1]

After having captured several of Jon's excellent objective markers in past AK47 games, I thought I'd have a crack at some of my own. Jon has a knack of producing outstanding terrain and figures out of bog roll, pan scourers and odd bits of string he's found down the back of the sofa:

Not to be outdone, I grabbed three old freebie CD's, some matchsticks, bits of wood and some superglue, together with a few leftovers things from other projects and got going.

The first one was quite quick to construct being a Socialist Realist style heroic monument, using a freebie Zulu figure from last year's Salute show, together with a wooden base and a washer. I toyed with the idea of making an identical one with a colonial figure from the Darkest Africa spares box, but I think that'll have to wait.

The second took a bit longer as it required some rummaging in the spares box. I glued together two fuel tanks from Lledo Model T Ford diecasts, added some pipework from plastic bits I had lying around and a resin block of fuel drums, before glueing everything down on a piece of plastic card. The result is something not unlike a fuel depot or oil refinery type thing.

Last of all, I took some spare mdf bases, a scrap bit of 009 track, a chain, some matchsticks and strip wood, plus a Woodland Scenics tree and some Wills plastic corrugated iron sheet, to produce a gold mine (although it needs to be finished off). I think this is my favourite of the three.

All of them obviously need to be painted, flocked and foliaged but, so far, I'm fairly happy with the results.

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  1. Jim,
    those are great very impressed. Love the gold mine just right for plundering by the Zumatan Royal Guard.