Thursday, 15 July 2010

Tumbling Dice Victorian Ironclads [5]

It's the last day of activity week and, unfortunately, I didn't get round to painting the Tumbling Dice ships beyond a basic undercoat. There just wasn't the time to assemble the two squadrons I planned to complete and get them painted.

I think I underestimated the time it takes to put each model together, which involves cleaning up the various component parts first then superglueing each bit to the model with tweezers and colourful language.

However, I now have two decent squadrons of ironclads and supporting ships for both the French and the British, all ready for a coat of paint. Today, I added the four coastal defence monitors Gorgon, Cyclops, Hecate and Hydra, to round off the project. They were quick to clean up, having no rigging to speak of, so it was realtively simple to get them ready.

What I'll do now is go back to the VBCW Red Militia, to finish them off before we go off on holiday, then take the ironclads to France as a painting project over the summer. They don't need a vast array of paint shades so it would be an ideal option to take them away and finish them there.

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