Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Back of Beyond Again

Well, the Darkest Africa idea didn't go down very well with the club, so it's back to the Back of Beyond. I've decided to stick with Contemptible Little Armies with a couple of rules modifications to keep things as simple as possible.

I have, however, decided to use the full terrain and weather rules from the supplement to add a bit of a change to the usual way of doing things. This will be tied into the campaign map so that there's more of a geographical fix to the campaign as it progresses.

I've also narrowed down the campaign to Russian Transcaspia c1919, in order to bring a historical flavour to the proceedings. This means that one of the two Bolshevik players will now be the SR / Menshevik Transcaspian Government army, which should be an interesting diversion from the usual and give me the opportunity to play around with the army lists to come up with a suitable variant.

I know that we have a British Indian army, a French Trans Asian expedition, a British Museum archaelogical team, a Bolshevik army and a Turkish and/or Basmachi force. After that, it's a bit sketchy although there are some Cossacks and a few Bolshevik stragglers knocking about. I need to get everyone agreed on what they're going to bring to the campaign before I get started on the planning and organisation.

Fingers crossed.

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