Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Back of Beyond Rules

I've been giving some thought to the Back of Beyond again. I ran a couple of campaigns a few years ago using the Contemptible Little Armies rules and with eight to ten players taking part. The campaigns were popular and resulted in some good games for everyone involved but somehow the all important narrative element was missing.

In fact, the campaign system was really just a mechanism for setting up a series of games between the different factions, leading to one grand finale big battle at the gates of Kashgar. The rules themselves also proved to be less than popular due to some of the mechanisms involved and the original focus of the system on the First World War rather than Central Asia.

Anyway, I'm thinking of another campaign but this time with a different set of rules and more of a scenario based skirmish level approach. The plan is to keep the Back of Beyond supplement as a focus but use a platoon or 1:1 level set of rules instead of CLA. There would be more of a storyline connecting the scenarios and greater emphasis on the 'derring do' aspect of the semi-historical setting.

I have three sets of rules as possibilities for this project, which might kick off in the Autumn if I get myself organised over the Summer. The frontrunner is Triumph and Tragedy, which seems perfect for the sort of thing I'm after.
The second option is Heroes of the Russian Civil War, which is based on Brother Against Brother and has the added advantage of being free.

The third and most recent addition to the equation is the Back of Beyond variant of Battlefield Evolution, which I've had a quick browse through today.

There are other rules that I've also thought of using but these three sets seem to be the most likely options at the moment. It needs a lot of time and consideration but I think this could get the Back of Beyond back on the menu at the club, at least for a few games in a row? At least I'll have an excuse to build another army.

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