Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Back of Beyond Turkish Army

I've kicked off the first stage of the Back of Beyond campaign for 2011 by posting the nuts and bolts of the campaign set up on the club yahoo group. So far I've had two players signing up and interest from several others, although I'll need at least five plus myself to make it work properly. I'm pretty confident that I'll get the numbers I need, so it's now down to me to do my bit.

The first thing I need to do is assemble and paint up my Turkish army. This will consist of the following units, which together make up a small but not inignificant pile of lead:

1 Commander

1 Staff Officer (50 points)

3 units of 10 Regular Infantry T4 / M5 stubborn, with bombs (330 points)

1 Maxim Machine Gun T3 / M5 (64 points)

1 65mm Schneider Field Gun T3 / M4 (42 points)

1 Erhardt Armoured Car (60 points)

1 Albatros CII or DIII Aircraft (150 points)

This lot adds up to just under 700 points, which is a bit on the light side, so I may well add a few extra figures to the infantry units or even an allied contingent of Basmachi militia using the Copplestone ragged white infantry as a best fit option. .

I'll need to get cracking straight away if I'm going to get this lot done and dusted for June!

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