Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Back of Beyond Expedition [5]

Here's the latest addition to the Back of Beyond, in the form of a not quite finished improvised armoured AC Mack lorry. It still needs some detailing, perhaps with tiddly rivets if I can work out how to do them, together with a machine gun next to the driver's vision block.

I'm not sure if it's quite what I'm after so I'm tempted to cut my losses and get a couple of Force of Arms SCW armoured trucks instead, although that would put me back £20 that I'd rather spend on something else. Either way, I need to finish it off and give it an undercoat before I decide whether or not to scratchbuild another one.

I've also added a tanker version of the AC Mack to the convoy, either as a baggage unit or as a third unarmoured vehicle. It's a bit shiny but I'm hoping that a bit of a wash and a drybrush will weather it down, together with a coat of matt varnish to dull the paintwork.

Finally, I ordered a set of Pegasus resin oil drums from an ebay seller yesterday and they arrived this morning! They're destined to form loads for the back of the unarmoured trucks, with the leftovers used as extra baggage items or as decoration on terrain and scenery. It's a nice little set and should be very useful.


  1. That looks a bit like an upgunned version of Cpl Jone's Butcher's Truck from Dad's Army! Good job!

  2. marvelous mate...bloody marvelous..

  3. It looks ideal from here. I'd stick with it, make another one with some slight variations to emphasise the "Heath Robinson" nature - but then get the FoA models as well :)

  4. Nice, just love scratchbuild armoured trucks!