Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Back of Beyond Campaign Convolutions

We've spent the last 48 hours travelling back to the UK and I'm now at my parent's house in Cornwall. In the interim, the BoB campaign has been falling into place with six players now firmly signed up. The British Indian player pulled out a couple of days ago but very graciously offered his army to another player on loan, so we now have an Imperial Column to add to the other contingents.

I'm still waiting for one other player to decide if he's in or out so we may end up with seven or eight players in the end. I think six will be spot on for a quick campaign, so I'm not unduly bothered if the last two don't materialise. If any one else wants to pile on there's a spare Chinese Warlord army and my old Bolsehivik army that can be loaned out as well, so we won't be short of numbers.

I've also decided to save the time and effort building a figure heavy Turkish army and have opted instead for a Dinosaur Hunting expedition. This has the advantage that I already have the figures and diecast toy trucks I need for the core units, together with a virtually complete 1/48th Smer DH2 which only needs some final stages of assembly to be ready for flight. The expedition only needs about thirty to forty figures as well.

As a variation on the Dinosaur Hunting theme I've gone for a different raison d'etre for the army. I intially thought of a hunting expedition, having just finished reading Shooting Leave by Jon Ure. However, I've settled on an American oil prospecting convoy, complete with stetson wearing Texans from the Copplestone US marshalls pack in the Gangsters range, backed up by some American Adventurers and Explorers of the Amazon from the High Adventure line.

The mercenary bodyguard for this lot will be provided in the form of some Ragged White Russian infantry and a couple of attached HMG teams, as a change from the usual Chinese figures. I may add some Chinese labourers but I think I'll have sufficient points with just these units, backed up by the various improvised armoured cars I'm going to kitbash from Days Gone By toy trucks.

I'm hoping to start on this lot when I get back home in a couple of days time.

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  1. A good Dinosaur Hunt is a marvellous adventures, filled with adventure, daring do, and large snifters of brandy.

    Hope you bag a big one! If you do, you might consider joining my International League of Esteemed Leviathan Hunters :-)