Monday, 12 September 2011

AK47 Arms Embargo

Mbote Regulars wonder where their T55's have gone?
I've made good progress with the AK47 dictatorship army of late and have almost completed enough to field the army for a game. I need to finish:
  • The regular heavy weapons bases and gun crews (half done)
  • The professional jeeps (started)
  • The professional small arms and heavy weapons
  • The professional APC's
  • The militia technicals.
  • The air support assets - either a couple of MiG 17's or an Il28 Beagle.
  • A helicopter gunship (although I could just use the Mil Hare)
This lot is more than enough for the five units I need to deploy. As a result, I'm going to cut back on the rest of the stuff I've based up by saving the helmet equipped regulars for another army.

I have enough of these for the core of a Superpower Backed force, with T55 and BTR60 APC's to back them up from the spares box. I can also use the old militia figures that I have for the two militia units, with Toyota technicals to give them some punch.

To compensate for the loss of the T55's I've ordered one more T34/85's and a couple of SU100's from Peter Pig. These won't take long to paint up and will give me a little bit of flexibility when trying out different combinations of units.

I think this is a good way to achieve the goal of a complete dictatorship army by the end of the month while giving me another AK47 army as a future project.

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  1. It must be only a question of time before there is a Libyan supplement to AK47.