Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Billy Bones Workshop Paper ECW Army

I'm doing the English Civil Wars with my Year 8 class at the moment including a case study of the Battle of Cheriton, which took place in March 1644 just a few miles up the road from the school. To make things interesting for the kids, I thought I'd download the paper ECW army from Billy Bones Workshop so that the class can create a paper cut out version of the battle.

I've thought about using these paper units before to try out WECW or 1644 but, somehow, never quite got round to it. I think they look great, especially in the original buff, so to speak. On the site, the units and scenery are laid out on a decorators cloth to create a full scale battlefield in beige. What a neat idea and one which I'm definately going to copy.

The whole shebang including pike, shot, cavalry, dragoons, guns, generals, scenery and special effects cost me less than seven quid, so well worth a bit of cutting and pasting to put the whole thing together.


  1. Took a pile of photos at this re-enactment of they are any use to you. Some here: