Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Full Thrust

I've been looking for a little project to get my sons interested in wargaming for a while now. I've tried 40K but most of their collection is still in it's boxes and gathering dust. I've also tried Legends of the High Seas and Saurian Safari, both of which they enjoyed but haven't asked to play again.

However, I have a cunning plan! I noticed that Brigade Models has a sale on at the moment on their range of spaceships, so I dug out my unassembled American and German models to show the sprogs what they looked like. The boys were mightily impressed, so I then showed them the pictures on the Brigade website.

Alex liked the look of the SAC range, so I've ordered a fleet pack and an extra carrier plus some fighters. This will give him a decent force to paint up using a quick spray, wash and drybrush technique. At the same time, I'll paint up my German spaceships for Thomas to use, although they're going to be Neo-Soviet rather then ONESS.

This will eventually end up in a game of Full Thrust Light which should be easy enough for the boys to grasp but still offer them a way into gaming that will grab their interest.

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  1. Great idea1 I have abunch of FT minis in deep storage too. I'll keep that in mind for after the current Viking & Blood Bowl craze!