Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Back of Beyond Battle Report [2]

I got well and truly thrashed by Chris in the second game of the Back of Beyond campaign this evening.

My 748 point army was vastly outnumbered by his Bolshevik horde but put up a good fight throughout the game. The loss of my aircraft to AA fire in Turn 2 didn't help. After that, my force held it's own for most of the battle, inflicting serious losses on the Reds whilst only losing a couple of unarmoured trucks and a single figure in return.

However, in Turn 5 the Red cavalry swept into my White Russian troops who stood their ground but were wiped out in the end, as were the cavalry themselves. At the same time, my Garford Putilov was knocked out and my expedition unit started to take some hits. This left me with little on the table by Turn 7 and, although Chris was in retreat at the end, the numbers spoke for themselves.

I enjoyed the game and learned a few valuable lessons about the vulnerabilty of aircraft to light machine gun fire, the relative uselessness of unarmoured trucks and the inadvisability of taking on lots of comparatively low value troops with high cost units. I think I'll avoid 750 point games with my expedition army for a while and ramp up the full on 1000 points as a basic mimimum in future!

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