Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Bag the Hun 336th FS Game Photos

The scenarios for the BTH2 game this evening worked out well under play testing, although the first was perhaps better than the second.

The Emerson's Exit scenario was played through twice as the first time round it ended in a spectacular fashion with VF-D disintegrating in a premature mid-air explosion. This was primarily due to an unfortunate turn of the card deck, which placed the initiative firmly in the sights of the enemy.

The second game gave the opposite result, with the eponymous ace dispatching three of the Luftwaffe's finest, either by crash landing or by the infamous Critical Structural Failure. I don't think I need to change anything in the scenario as a result, although I may re-run it solo myself for good measure.

The follow on game didn't work as well and I had to fiddle it half way through to save the Luftwaffe from an ignominious defeat. They managed to hold on long enough to down one of the 336th P51D's but at the cost of three of the Bf109G's of JG300. The Me262's were rushed on a turn early to rescue their piston engined comrades but really didn't make much of a difference, once the P51's began their dash for the frontline. 

In retrospect, the 'Rocketeers' card gave the 336th an undue advantage which, combined with their four character cards, made it very hard for the opposition to fight back. As a result, I'll be removing it from the deck in any future re-plays. I also need to split the USAAF section into two pairs, using the character cards to action their moves, otherwise the whole formation of four aircraft get to dominate the skies. 

Upgrading the pilot skill ratings for the Luftwaffe by one notch would also make it more of an even match, yet still allow the American players to make the most of their flexibility, which was the key factor in determining the historical outcome of the scenario. In the end, there's always a random factor that can swing a game one way or another and that has to be built into any revisions that I make.

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