Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bolt Action Yanks [22]

I'm less than comfortable with the bases on the infantry, so have been looking at various ways in which I can tart them up a bit. As they're supposed to be wallowing in the rain drenched mud of the Reichswald or the Westwall, I can't really smother them in PVA and static grass, so an alternative approach is clearly required.

I've been looking into some suitably Autumnal leaf scatter materials from the likes of Antenociti's Workshop, but the rather steep price tag has been less than encouraging. As a result, the homegrown option is looking like it might be worth a try, with a couple of jars of well past their sell by date French cooking herbs as a strong contender.

I'm thinking a soupcon of Basilic with a delicate whiff of crushed Fines Herbes...?



  1. I believe the contents of used tea bags are also a cheap alternative. :)

  2. Herbs sound like a great idea! Now I know what to do with mine when they're out of date.

  3. That's a great tip - and they will be nice and fragrant too - that said, hope you don't have any pets who are partial to nibbling herby left-overs - the platoon might be in danger then!

  4. Would you like some Autumn scatter material? I have a tree in the garden which produces an inexhaustible supply of this disguised as "seeds"!
    Silver Birch produce a sort of "catkin" which produces the leaf shaped scales.
    Email me at

  5. Surely only Brits should be tea based :)

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