Thursday, 17 October 2013

In Her Majesty's Name

Next week, the club multiplayer game is scheduled to be In Her Majesty's Name, the popular Victorian Sci-Fi skirmish rules by Osprey Publishing. It's not a genre that I'm particularly keen on, dinosaur hunting aside, but I missed the last game so thought it would be fun to have another go. I have the rules on the Kindle and have been browsing through them ready for the game on Tuesday.

I've also been mulling over possible options for my own company for the game, using figures that I can find in the leadpile to save money. There are plenty of options here, from dinosaur hunters of the Royal Geographical Society, to tribesmen of the North West Frontier, all the way through to polar explorers from the frozen arctic wastes. However, in keeping with the literary theme of the rules, the current front runner is Sir Henry Baskerville and his tamed hellhounds, accompanied by Dr James Mortimer, a practitioner of the new science of Pavlovian mesmerism.

There will be the usual hangers on as well, including Barrymore the manservant and his gun toting wife, together with some local yokels in a homage to the regulars of the Slaughtered Lamb from An American Werewolf in London. The main character in the company will be the monstrous wild hound of the story, now captured and trained by Sir Henry and Dr Mortimer. I toyed with the idea of turning Sir Henry into a werewolf as well but that's a bit too silly, so I'll just stick with a pack of hounds instead.

This is all entirely back of a fag packet stuff and will probably never get off the ground, but it would be fun.   

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  1. Sounds like Jolly good fun! Looking forward to seeing them in action, and hearing what you think about the rules