Monday, 14 October 2013

Bolt Action Norway

I finally gave into temptation and ordered a copy of the Bolt Action supplement for France and the Allies with particular relevance, as far as I'm concerned, for both the Norwegian Campaign and the SAS in Brittany. These are two possible areas in which my Bolt Action project may well diverge, especially as the Norwegians may well appear sooner rather than later, as a Warlord Games offering...just a guess on my part but, why feature them in a supplement, if they don't actually appear 'in the lead'?


  1. ...well, it's worth a try!

    I suspect the Finns will get there first?

  2. The Finns do seem to be 'in' at the moment...

  3. Ah! Hadn't occurred to me the Norwegians would be in the French supplement. Thanks for the tip off.

  4. "why feature them in a supplement, if they don't actually appear 'in the lead'?"

    Sorry but this is a typical 40K narrow minded thinking, the Bolt Action is a perfect game, but not in 28mm, buying figures from the company, no no and no My Friends. Its perfect in 20mm. You can try all kind of combinations without paying horrendous price for the figures. And of course you can have all the tanks and vehicles cheap.

    I had a nice chat with the guys from Warlord Games at Salute. They want a rule system which is standing on his own feet, not related to the actual 28mm range. That is why I buy these books, because of the flexibility.