Thursday, 3 October 2013

Bolt Action Yanks [16]

Late last night I decided to dip a sample selection of figures in Army Painter Quickshade, so that I could let them dry out during the day, ready for a blast of matt varnish this evening. Here's the result. I overcooked the matt spray a bit, having forgotten that the figures are effectively already varnished, so a couple ended up a bit fuzzy. On the whole though, they don't look too bad, so I'll dip the rest of the figures tonight and repeat the operation tomorrow. After that it's a bit of detailing, adding rank insignia, armbands and the like, then onto the tanks!


  1. They look great - good to see the comparison with your current Header photo - when you say 'dip', are you brushing it on or actually dropping them in the gunge?

    I'm considering beginning to use some of this new-fangled stuff in the future, so was wondering what gave the best results?

  2. These look brilliant, love the palette.

  3. Thanks chaps,

    I brushed the stuff on, as this seemed to be the least revolting option!

    I still have my doubts but it does mean you get a result for very little effort, once the blocking in bit is done.


  4. Very nice model painting. I concur with Michael's comment that the colors work very well together.

  5. They really came out nicely! Somehow this Quickshade stuff always seems to work with other people.