Saturday, 3 January 2015

10mm Alien Swarm

The Aliens Attack!



The Queen

The Nest

I hoped to get these done yesterday but my dad made an unexpected visit, so there was no time for painting. I did a rush job on them today instead, with a quick overwash of Vallejo Shiny Black followed by some washing and drybrushing on the bases. The nest base isn't really finished and looks a bit rubbish, so I'll probably tinker with the it later on once the basecoat has dried, adding some highlights and details if I can be bothered!


  1. I do like these, all very tempting. Perhaps some green ooze around the nest, although not sure how you would do it. That said, I notice that Tamiya do a Clear Green. I was using the Clear Red, mixed with a little black for all my zombie gore as it dries with a sheen to it. Perhaps a similar mix of Clear Green over some lumps of Bostik glue would work?

  2. Good is a bit 'grey' !