Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Man Flu

It's ******** freezing, I'm knackered and coming down with some sort of lurgy, so it's game over for this evening. I was hoping to get to the club tonight for a game of Hail Caesar but I'm off to bed once the kids are tucked up for the night. I'm hoping to knock the lurgy on the head with a good night's sleep but it's been going round work, so it may be a bit longer..

Anyway, on a slightly more positive note, I have had some ideas for two rival War of the Roses retinues for  the 15mm Lion Rampant project. I was thinking of doing two semi-fictional forces but am now also considering a 1480's historical set up, featuring the Lancastrian loyalist Sir Richard Edgecombe and his 'brutal' Yorkist rival, Sir Henry Trenoweth of Bodrugan.

...more of that, very Cornish story later on, once I feel a bit normal and have had time to put it all together.


  1. I've also been laid low by the lurgy...must be that time of year! I'm still trying to work out how best to out my WotR retinues together for Lion Rampant...probably inspired by my favourite Kingmaker counters!

  2. I hope you feel better soon.