Monday, 12 January 2015

Bag the Hun Bomb Run Conundrum

An interesting question about level bombing popped up on the club forum today, which got me thinking about the 'vanilla' bomber question, for want of a better term. In the rules for level bombing the base factor is 1D6 regardless of the type of aircraft concerned, be it a B17 or a He111, for example. This is all fine, assuming most bombers are just there to be shot down but, if they are actually being flown by players rather than the umpire and attempting to bomb things, then it does seem a bit bland?

The obvious solution would be to modify the base factor to more realistically reflect the load out and capability of different types of bomber. I suggested a 1D6 addition (rounding down) for every 1000kg or 1000lb's of bomb load, assuming most medium bombers to be carting around about 2000kg? This obviously excludes the really big heavies but then they are rarely going to be used to bomb targets in a tactical level game like BTH2. This would, for example, give an He111 a base factor of 2D6 rather than the generic 1D6.

What do you think?

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