Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Dux Rampant Forum

There's a new forum for Lion Rampant, set up by the author Dan Mersey to support the rules and to provide new variants, scenarios and special rules. I was very pleased to see some rules ammendments for the use of handgunners, which is really handy as I'm planning to incorporate a six man strong unit in one of my 15mm War of the Roses retinues:


Attack 7+ Attack value 6
Move 6+ Defence value 6
Shoot 8+ Shoot value / Range 6 / 12”
Courage 4+ Maximum movement 6”
Armour 2 Special rules Bang; Panic

Models per unit: 6

Special rules:
• Bang: All units count as Armour 1 against Shooting by this unit (Armour 2 if in cover).
• Panic: When this unit Shoots, the target unit must take a Courage test regardless of the number of hits inflicted.

Unit upgrades:
• Pavises @ 2 points per unit. As for Crossbows.

I was just going to class them as bidowers but now have some specific rules that take into account the impact of handguns in the late medieval period. The author has a note of caution about these rules, as they may be a little a-historical and could unbalance things a bit. It will be interesting to see how they work in practice!

Here's the link to the Dux Rampant forum:


  1. Interesting to see mention of hand gunners. Our local castle, Caister, came under a three-month siege toward the end of the WotR whilst its owner was besieged elsewhere.

    3,000 men contained the garrison of 30, which included a number of Burgundian hand gunners, for three months. Only one man - a besieger - was killed, and that by a hand gunner, who was subsequently fined a hundred pounds when the castle surrendered!