Thursday, 22 January 2015


I used to play this many years ago at college with some friends, using the second edition set with the stand up cardboard counters and the Rifleman on the box top, which I still have up in the loft somewhere. A lot later, I also used to play the PC games Mechwarrior 2 and Mechwarrior 3, both of which were loads of fun at the time and part of my long lost pre-offspring freedom.

Anyway, I have now splashed out on a boxed set of the new version of the rules, complete with plastic mechs and heavy duty map boards. I spent some of my Amazon token on this, so I suppose it's a birthday present to myself. It looks really good and the sprogs are desperate to give it a try out, although that will have to wait until the half term holidays in three weeks time. It's also pretty good value for £45.

I also have a big stash of the old Heroscape plastic hex tiles that I snapped up when they were on a massive discount at Argos. A lot of people seem to use these for Battletech so I may well dig them out, tart them up and deploy them as proper 3D terrain, assuming I can remember where I put them? It's all a bit of an indulgent nostalgia trip but it's also really good for my flagging morale!


  1. Loved this game but not played for a while. Please post up a review of this new version with your thoughts on the contents....time permitting.

  2. I purchased the new box set last year for almost the exact same reason as you did... only I liked the Battlemaster mech the most :-)

  3. I love the big stompy robot thing... look forward to a review :)