Sunday, 24 May 2015

263 Squadron Whirlwind Missions [5]

You may not remember the first four installments of this thread, as they were posted about a year ago, but here's number four in the search for Westland Whirlwind themed scenarios for Bag the Hun.

I've now done  a rough draft of three of the potential playtest scenarios for the club game on Tuesday, with the working titles of 'Itching to Mix It', 'Moral - Don't Straggle' and the slightly less prosaic '109's - Beat It! There's a final scenario involving a more complex Roadstead mission to scribble up, then all four need to be turned into neat, word processed scenario briefings tomorrow, together with some basic turn cards for each one.

Fw190 A4 (left) Fw190A8 (right)

I've also been busy reverse engineering four Leading Edge Fw190 A8's into Fw190 A4's, which involves shaving off and sanding away the cannon blisters on the top of the fuselage and the ventral bomb rack on the underside. This sounds easy but is a bit tricky, as you need to avoid cutting away too much of the surface detail or sanding it off by mistake. I only need two of these for the pilots of III/JG2 to be shot down in, but I thought I'd do a full schwarm while I was about it. Why not?


  1. I like the roadster idea. I've got some FW190's to paint up in 1:600, but Now I will need some Whirlwinds.

  2. The Tumbling Dice Whirlwinds are really nice and you only a couple of packs.