Saturday, 23 May 2015

Jacques 'Jaco' Andrieux

I've got three definate scenarios sketched out for the Bag the Hun No263 Squadron 'Whirlibomber' project, so all I now need to do is write them up, then mock up some cards for the different units involved. This shouldn't take too long as two of the scenarios are very simple, leaving only the last one involving anything complicated. I'm planning to write up the first two scenarios tomorrow.

As a bonus, I also have a fourth 'sprog' level scenario that I could turn into an additional game, although it doesn't really feature the Whirlwinds. This is a 'bounce' by F/O Jacques 'Jaco' Andrieux of No130 Squadron on two unsuspecting Fw190's of JG2 on 28th February 1943. The Fw190's were in turn attempting to intercept a pair of straggling Whirlwinds of No263 Squadron which had just attacked Maupertus airfield.

Acting alone, Andrieux succeeded in shooting down one of the Fw190's in his Spitfire VB (PJ-Z) and succesfully scared off the other, this being his first aerial victory and eventually leading to his status as a Free French ace by the end of the war. It would make an excellent starter scenario and would be ideal as an introduction to the use of bogeys, so I may well write it up too.

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