Friday, 22 May 2015

Axles and Alloys II

I followed a link over on TMP and re-discovered the Axles and Alloys blog, complete with an updated set of the rules. I played a few games of this way back in 2010 against Jon at the club, with some diecast cars that we'd souped up into post-apocalytic carnage machines. I went for the muscle car sleek and dangerous look while Jon went for the rusty, grime encrusted chop shop option.

The games were great fun and suitably bonkers, with ramming, spiking, exploding and blasting all over the place. I really enjoyed converting the toy cars and built up quite a stockpile of Hotwheels ready for bashing but then drifted off into other things. Now, with the updating of the rules and the inspiration from Mad Max: Fury Road, which I'm hoping to catch over the weekend, I quite fancy bashing up some more diecast death machines over the holidays!

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