Tuesday, 12 May 2015

En Garde!

Right Cover, Wrong Title!

I had a look on Amazon today for the new Fighting Sails rules from Osprey, which I duly ordered with the last of my birthday vouchers, only to find a number of future publications in the wargames series up for pre-order. The one that grabbed my attention is En Garde!, which looks like it could have a lot of potential, based as it is on the Ronin rules system (that reminds me...I really should get that buntai done). 

Anyway, here's the sales blurb:

En Garde! is a small-scale skirmish game based on the successful Ronin rules, in which small groups of warriors fight each other for honour or riches. Rather than just rolling a few dice, the rules allow players to make tactical decisions about how the models that they control will fight - offensively, defensively, or by applying special skills and abilities. En Garde! covers the conflicts of the 16th, 17th and early 18th centuries, when black-powder weapons started to become common in battle but martial prowess still determined the outcome.

Play as Border Reivers, Conquistadors, Landsknechts, Aztecs, French Musketeers, Caribbean Pirates and many more, in scenarios that evoke classic engagements of the genre. Sub-plots (secondary objectives for each side) have also been introduced, making gameplay even more varied and exciting. Simple campaign rules allow multiple scenarios to be played in sequence and permit warbands to develop over time. An appendix is also included to provide brief rules for supernatural creatures of the period - monsters, demons, revenants and witches - and new abilities and equipment to fight them, making En Garde! the perfect ruleset for gamers who want something a bit different from the norm.

Published in January 2016...so you'll have to wait a bit longer!


  1. That sounds great. Looks like I shall have to buy some more figures...

  2. Mwahahaaa!
    Perfect use for an enormous MDF farm...!

  3. Is there any connection between these rules and the ever popular duelling RPG of the same name?


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  5. Nope, no connection between the two except the genre. I'd love for a connection, but haven't figured out how to convert from the RPG to the skirmish stats...not that I have tried that hard.

    In many ways, the skirmish game is simply Ronin 2.0, but the author has been intransigent on both providing a common interface and correcting some of the original Ronin balance issues between the various buntai. I did post some notes about fixing some of the balance issues and converting Ronin to En Garde on the old forum and the FB page, but I'm not happy with how they turned out because it doesn't quite retain the flavor of the original buntai from Ronin, but I have some ideas on that.