Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Galleys and Galleons Playtest

This went really well and everyone enjoyed the first two scenarios from the rules that we played, Pursuit and Blockade Runner. In the first game the two schooners fought a pretty decisive skirmish, with Gary coming off the worse for wear and striking his colours. However, on victory points, Gary's pirates actually managed to scrape a very slight edge which gave them the game.

In the second game, Mike got his revenge when Gary's captured pirate East Indiaman went aground at full tilt, but only after he had blasted one of Mikes Royal Navy sloops with a raking broadside at medium range. This led to the inevitable Critical Damage rolls, a raging fire and a spectacular explosion, all of which meant that Mike's tactical plan was well and truly scuppered.

The rules worked smoothly and with only a few queries popping up, which we worked out ourselves in most cases. I'll shoot off some feedback to the writer tomorrow but first impressions are a big thumbs up! I'll now get started on the paintwork for the pirate ships, ready for another game next month up at the club. I'm hoping it might catch on!


  1. Great to hear the game went well!

  2. Definitely fun - thumbs up from me :)
    Shouldn't have named my ships after my kids though as it was disconcerting when one blew up...