Thursday, 25 August 2016

Torpilleur 275

I spotted this fantastic model of a French torpedo boat in the local maritime museum across the river a couple of days ago. It's about 1/40th scale or thereabouts and entirely scratch built. There's a very interesting set of explanatory notes alongside the display which details its service as a patrol, anti-submarine and life boat during the First World War. I wouldn't fancy going to sea in one of these, especially in bad weather, as it must have been like riding a torpedo armed metal surfboard.


  1. THose are some great models Jim, but I ahve to ask - I don't really want to, but feel compelled to - why is there a petrol pump next to the display? :)

  2. A neat little model. I wouldn't want to be aboard the original if any kind of sea was running.

  3. Good question...the museum is next to the old ferry crossing across the river and the pump was used to fill up while the drivers waited.