Sunday, 29 August 2010

VBCW Red Militia Motorcycle Combination

I had a crack at converting one of the Westwind Berlin or Bust German Motorcyle and sidecar combinations for my VBCW Red Militia today. The pack contains two bikes with sidecars together with the rider and sidecar passenger figures, some spare wheels and satchels.

In the usual Westwind style, the figures are a bit scrunched up and on the small side but this is no problem as I was intending to convert them anyway. I cleaned up the bike and sidecar then moved onto the rider. I cut away the head and replaced it with an Anglian SCW head with beret. I also cut off the gasmask canister and added a satchel once the torso had been glued to the bike.

The passenger figure didn't fit very well into the sidecar so, rather than sort this out, I decided to use a French Resistance figure that I already had spare. It came from a demolition team and originally had a detonator which i had already cut away so that the figure could be used as gun crew.

Instead, it was carefully cut down and sanded to fit into the passenger seat of the sidecar alongside the rider. It was a bit of a tight squeeze but came out OK in the end. I would have liked to add a machine gun but, as I didn't have one spare, he'll have to be a commissar or dispatch carrier instead.

I really like the figure as he looks a bit like a certain Comrade Trotsky and, as a result, really fits well with the rest of the Reds.

Incidentally, the Westwind Berlin or Bust range is 40% off this week, so it would be a good time to buy some of these motorcycle and sidecar packs if you want to do something similar:

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