Sunday, 1 August 2010

AK47 Summer Offensive [1]

At the start of the year I listed an AK47 army as one of my projects for 2010 and originally had it pencilled in for activity week. However, that slot was taken up by the 1/2400th scale Tumbling Dice Victorian Naval fleets, so I decided to bump the AK47 army along into the Summer holiday.

I can't do any painting as I've been banned from messing around with acrylics and spray paint in the apartment but I can at least clean up and base the figures. So, with that in mind, I've brought a big box of 15mm stuff along with me to get sorted over the next three weeks.

I had planned out a Dictatorship army for this project back in January:

It would be slotted into the on and off campaign that I'm playing against the corrupt and reprehensible Lumatan - Zumatan alliance, as the Democratic State of Mbote. This peace loving utopia is located to south east of Lumata and south of the Independant Republic of Nbuto, my existing Colonial Settler dustbowl:

However, I think it might be a little ambitious given the large number of bases and vehicles I originally planned to include, so I'm now thinking of either scaling this one back a bit, to make it more manageable, or making up an alternative Superpower Backed Client Force instead?

This would still allow me to field a professional unit but would also allow me to have tanks for my militia, which would otherwise only be available through political manoeuvers. I'd have to cut my regulars back to two units instead of three or four but I could still have up to two of them.

It's worth thinking about at least.

I'd have to locate it across Lake Bagombo or to the north of Lumata - Zumata but this wouldn't be a problem as I'd simply extend the map. As for a name, the dice are suggesting something along the lines of Ltumtu, which doesn't sound too ridiculous?

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