Friday, 13 August 2010

AK47 Summer Offensive [9]

Here's the result of this evenings cutting, sanding, scraping and supergluing.

On the left we have two 76mm towed AT guns with BTR152's doing the towing. They're dedicated tows, so I haven't mounted the HMG's and will have to fill in the hole with green stuff later on, as well as adding a crew figure or two in the back.

On the right we have two BTR152's with permanently mounted soviet 120mm heavy mortars. Again a crew figure wouldn't go amiss so may well be added after they've been painted up. I'm counting them as carriers with mortars (p32) so have left off the HMG's once again.

I'm not sure how the points work out for these but I'm assuming a basic 25 points for a Regular APC plus 30 for the Regular mortar group, giving a total of 55 points according to the table on p12.

I have one more AT gun and the ZPU4 plus two BTR's to finish off tomorrow, then it's onto the armour.


  1. good stuff. Wow you have a lot of BTR 152s which make are yours? I got the QRF ones but they didn't come with HMGs.

  2. They're Skytrex / Old Glory. I got a unit deal of four from OG plus a couple more that I picked up cheap on ebay.

    I was going to use them for the regulars as APC's but decided to use BTR60's instead, so they were going spare.

    I'm going to stick the HMG's on some T55's but I'll have a couple spare if you want them?