Monday, 2 August 2010

AK47 Summer Offensive [2]

I've started to look at the Superpower Backed Client Force for AK47 and have decided to begin with the militia, as they could potentially make up four out of five of the units.

I'll go for enough small arms bases to equip three units with the mimimum four bases, so that makes twelve to start with. I'm going to have two RPG bases per four small arms, which gives me six RPG bases in total. I won't do any HMG's but will include four mortar bases, which could form a unit in their own right. I may also have a couple of RCL bases to round things off.

The rest of the milita will be made up of two T34/85's and a single SU122, which could be parcelled out to the infantry or formed into a unit in it's own right. I'll also have three trucks with heavy weapons mounted in the flatbeds, very much like the one in the picture, with two being AAA and one either a heavy mortar or an RCL.

I acquired some Toyota pick ups from Ebay a while back, so they may also be included as technicals with HMG's mounted in the back, although I'm not sure how many I'll add to the miltia yet.

With the bases for dead markers this lot should give me quite a lot of work to start with but not too much that I'll get swamped.

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