Monday, 30 August 2010

Pirates Project

I've been reading through the Legends of the High Seas rulebook over the last couple of days and, having pondered the options in 28mm and 15mm, have decided to go with the larger scale. I have an opponent who's interested in a bit of pirate skirmish gaming in 28mm, so it makes sense to go for the obvious.

I have enough figures to form a pirate crew, complete with a captain, using some Crusader Miniatures figures that I picked up cheap from Dave Thomas at a show a couple of years ago (another one of those impulse buys from the bargain bin!).

I have to dig them out from the leadpile but I'm pretty sure I know where they are? I may add a few extras but I should have all I need for the moment. I think I'll have about ten figures all told which is plenty.

I don't have a ship in 28mm but, as the scenarios in the rulebook are mostly land based, this isn't going to be the problem I thought it would be, especially as we could use 2D card templates if necessary (nice idea Jon).

I have the Foundry Compendium, which includes the Gary Chalk ship plans, so I could always scratchbuild or splash out on a resin ship from Minimi or Games of War, especially if I can pick one up at Colours in a couple of weeks time:

I have a fair bit of terrain on the other hand, most of which consists of scratchbuilt jungle from my Saurian Safari collection, so some tropical undergrowth and Mayan ruins are already available. I have some Copplestone Amazonian Tupi warriors painted up as well, so they can be used in some games as unfriendly natives.

I'm hoping to have a crack at the pirates as soon as I can clear the decks a bit but should get them done by the end of September, leaving time for the 15mm PITS stuff afterwards.

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  1. Check out eBay for the Mega Bloks ships:

    Seen them used for both fantasy and historical and they work well with enough room for bases etc.