Monday, 16 August 2010

Half Yearly Review

It's high time I did a review of the year so far and set out my plans for the Autumn.

This is what I set out to do this year:

The basic idea was to tackle a project every half term so that I'd get six done by the end of the year. I also committed myself to not starting any new projects that I didn't have rules or figures for already.

Yeh, right.

Anyway, I have completed three projects thus far, although none of them were on the list:

1. The 1.300th Ju88's for the club game were completed on time.
2. The 28mm VBCW BUF were finished and have been used in a couple of games.
3. The Axles and Alloys cars were done and have been wheeled out for a game.

I have also nearly finished three more projects, one of which was listed:

1. The 28mm VBCW Red Militia are about four fifths complete.
2. The 12mm ARVN are three quarters done.
3. I painted some 1.285th aircraft for North Africa, although I have a lot left to do.

Finally, I have three forces cleaned up and ready to go, all from the list of things to do this year:

1. The 1.2400th Victorian Ironclads
2. The 1.600th Tumbling Dice MiG Alley planes.
3. The AK47 Dictatorship army (currently working on).

I have been diverted off on a few tangents along the way and have added a few extra figures to the leadpile, including 12mm Norwegians, 1.600th Nonomhan Japanese and Russian planes and 28mm Late War British, but otherwise, I've been quite good.

So, it looks like the next six months will be used to finish off what I've started.

Top of the list are the VBCW Reds, followed by the ironclads, the MiG Alley stuff and the AK47 army in no particular order. I also want to finish off the 15mm Dervish army that I nearly completed last year and which only needs a final push to be done and dusted.

I have the 28mm Back of Beyond Japanese to do as well, if I can squeeze them into the schedule at some point, but this is unlikely given all the things I need to wrap up first. The 12mm ARVN will, however, be stuck in the box as I'm unlikely to be using them in the near future and would rather finish off the other overdue projects.

The things left on the list, including 28mm Darkest Africa, 1.600th coastal warfare and 1.285th North Africa planes, will be left for next year as I'm still keen to get them done.

So, overall a bit of a wobbly track record, although I have achieved a few of the things that I set out to do in January. What I really need to do is get things finished off when I have them in the almost complete stage, so that I clear a bit of the backlog without starting new things.


  1. I'll try not to wave any temptations in your face:) Did you get the 10/12mm Norwegians finished for BKC? By the way the legends of the high seas rules look interesting Pirates are cool......

  2. The Noggies have been shelved for the moment due to a lack of suitable early war German opposition in greatcoats and/or gebirgsjager.

    I've gone off BKC a bit as well.

    The Pirates thing is potentially pretty cool but I have to decide if it's 15mm or 28mm, which might take a bit of time to hammer out...