Saturday, 28 August 2010

Back Home

I finally arrived back home earlier this evening after nearly a month away. It was good to get back especially as Mr Postie had delivered some interesting parcels for me to open.

These included the Legends of the High Seas rules, the Westwind French Resistance and German motorcycle combinations for my VBCW project and a small selection of Peter Pig Egyptians for PITS, together with a book on the wars in the Sudan that I hadn't read.

I had a quick look at the VBCW Reds on the painting shelf which have literally gathered dust over the last few weeks, so they'll be the first to be tackled now I'm back. I may add a motorbike and sidecar to the Reds to finish off the unit.

After that, it's the AK47 objective markers to be done and dusted before I tackle my first project of the autumn. I have to decide between the AK47 Ltumtu army that I've been cleaning up or the PITS project that needs to be completed.

I already have a Dervish army that's virtually done but would like to cover the opposition too, so the Sudan would be quite a big undertaking. However, I'm looking forward to the publication of Go Strong Into the Desert, which should give me the impetus I need.

The AK47 army is equally appealing but is a similarly daunting task, although I can simplify the painting to make it manageable, using washes and drybrushing rather than block painting and layering.

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