Saturday, 3 March 2012

15mm Chain Link Fencing

I went into Poundland today and spotted this double pack of anti-splatter mesh things for a quid:

The mesh is very fine and ideal for 15mm chain link type fencing. I cut it out of the circular rim with a pair of kitchen scissors then chopped it up into strips, ready for fence construction when I get round to the AK47 scratch building project. It would also make excellent mesh for windows or door screens.



  1. Poundland is superb for wargaming bargains.

  2. I never have any luck finding useful stuff like this in poundland, curse your visionary nature! ;)

  3. Looks like another scrounge in Poundland for me this week then! At least they'll be easier to explain to inquisitive co-workers than the usuall toy cars and plastic insects I try to hide under my desk... ;)

  4. Good idea Jim. Must try that meself...

    cheers WW