Sunday, 25 March 2012

BKC Aegean Italians [16]

I read through the campaign briefing today and realised that I have probably under estimated the number of command bases that I need for the Italians. I think I need to double up quite a bit, so have been pootling around with some ERM  mdf bases and a few spare figures. I'm running a bit short of the latter but I reckon I can cover what I need, just about.

I also basecoated the armour in Foundry Storm Green, followed by a wash in gunge and a drybrush with Foundry Rawhide. It looks a bit 'ho hum' at the moment but I'll paint in the tracks, exhausts and other bits later on to pick them up a bit. I finished off by drybrushing two of the infantry battalions in Foundry Granite but ran out of time before I could could get any more done.

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  1. These really do look like lovely miniatures. Looking forward to seeing them painted.