Thursday, 8 March 2012

BKC Aegean Italians [10]

I had an e-mail from the umpire of the club Blitzkrieg Commander campaign today, which made me realise that I've fallen seriously behind with the 10mm Italians, especially as the campaign is due to start at the end of March. I'm now going to have to drop everything to concentrate on basing and painting up at least three of the five battalions of infantry required, together with the 700 point armoured battalion that's allowed in the campaign rules.

There were originally four battalions of infantry in the campaign set up, one paratrooper, one mountain, one regular and one low quality garrison, penal or coastal defence battalion. Now, according to the latest communique, there's a further battalion of glider borne troops to be supplied, which I'll have to find from somewhere in the fairly limited Pendraken Italian catalogue. I'm hoping that I won't have to deploy all of my uits in one go, which will mean a bit of a breathing space to get things sorted out.

The priority now is to base up the coastal defence battalion that I have assembled from the Pendraken WW1 Italian range with a few spare figures from the WW1 French range thrown in as extra gun crew. I have just enough to go round but the poses will be fairly limited and I'll have to be imaginative in my basing to make the units look interesting. I may add two or three FIAT 3000's (the Italian version of the FT17) to the battalion as armoured support, just to make the battalion a bit less bland.

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