Monday, 12 March 2012

Bag the MiG Books

I've nearly finished the Forgotten Voices of the Burma Campaign, which is very good to my surprise. I thought that it might be a bit lightweight but it's a thorough account of the war in Burma from the ground up, so complements the other books that I've read on the subject very well.

I'm now moving on to some background reading for Bag The MiG and have added a couple of new books to the collection to this end. They both focus on an overview of the war and have a choronological approach to the narrative but, having said that, they have a slightly different focus.

Air War over Korea by Robert Jackson is quite an old publication but has some excellent photographs alongside an informative text, so should be a good starter for the air campaign in general. The re-print of Crimson Sky by John Bruning is more of a 'seat of the pants' eyewitness based history with lots of detail on individual aerial actions, so perfect for scenario development and 'flavour' all be it from an American perspective.

I'm looking forward to reading both in the next couple of weeks.

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