Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bag the MiG Skyraiders

I'm reading Crimson Skies at the moment, which started off a bit wobbly but has now settled down to some really informative stuff on the early stages of the Korean War air campaign. This involved naval Task Force 77 on a variety of hair raising close air support missions, including bombing the bridges over the Yalu river under very heavy flak concentrations and supporting the retreat of the UN forces in the winter of 1950.

As I was reading through this bit of the book, I realised that I have a big gap in the Bag The MiG set up in the shape of the Skyraiders that formed a significant element of the USN/USMC line up, alongside the Corsairs and Panthers that I have covered. As a result, I've ordered a couple of packs from Dom to fill inthe gap and boost the ground attack capability of the UN forces.

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  1. While you are getting into the mood, check out "The Bridges at Toko-Ri" - yes there are some slow bits (but Grace Kelly is good eye candy!) but its a good Korean Air War dit