Sunday, 11 March 2012

BKC Aegean Italians [12]

Not a lot achieved today but the coastal defence battalion is now based and ready for an undercoat. I've also been allowed 200 points worth of support artillery by the campaign umpire, which means that I can deploy a couple of the 100mm guns that I've already based or some of the 75mm guns that I've just ordered from Pendraken.

I've also been considering the potential for some scratchbuilding to support the amphibious operations that will be a feature of the campaign. Although the rules don't specify the need to model any landing craft for amphibious scenarios, I think it would be a shame for the Italian naval troops to just 'appear' on table, without some sort of means of transportation.

To this end, I've been rummaging in the loft again and have located an Airfix pontoon bridge that was originally destined for AK47. However, I'm going to pinch the pontoon boats and convert them into landing barges or lighters for the Italians, something along the lines of the ML craft constructed for the abortive invasion of Malta in 1942.

This shouldn't be too difficult and will only require and bit of plastic card, some brass rod and a few extra bits to look pretty good.

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